Bardzo miło nam przekazać, iż dr hab. Katarzyna Hamer, prof. IPPAN, w konsorcjum z badaczami i badaczkami z Niemiec, Danii, Portugalii, Izreala i Wielkiej Brytanii w ramach konkursu  Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) otrzymała grant na prawie 3 mln Euro na realizację 3-letniego projektu Emotional dynamics of protective policies in an age of insecurity (PROTEMO).

Poniżej prezentujemy cele projektu:

PROTEMO investigates the emotional connection between the state and individuals. The focus is on protective policies and their consequences for individuals, groups of citizens and non-citizens as well as for democracy, political participation, and mobilisation. Such policies, and the emotional dynamics related to them, increasingly dominate politics in the current age of insecurity. Fear, anger, pride, and hope are only some of the emotions that are often involved in political interactions and sometimes with important consequences, as events such as the Yellow Vest protests illustrate.

PROTEMO asks: (1) How do political actors perceive and influence the emotional needs of citizens (and non-citizens) and how does this play out in the policy process? (2) What emotional reactions, judgements and actions elicit protective policies among individuals and publics in society? (3) How do citizens’ emotional reactions feedback on the policy process? Answering these questions allows us to study emotional responsiveness - a crucial yet neglected aspect of representative democracy.

Bringing together perceptions of emotions by political actors and emotional reactions of citizens and non-citizens to protective policies with an analysis of the emotionality of the policy process toward protective policies allows us to contribute to a broader debate on the future of representative democracy and affective citizenship. PROTEMO’s results will lead to improved EU policy-making and enhanced communication of evidence-based policies.


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