8 grudnia w IPPAN odbędzie się spotkanie dotyczące systemów rzeczywistości wirtualnej i integracji z danymi psychofizjologicznymi. Szczegóły oraz link do zapisów poniżej.


DEC.8th at 10:30 Jaracza 1, room 1 and online

VRLab IP PAS meeting: VR Cave projection-based solutions and integration with physiology data recordings

The VR system can receive, in real-time, data from any of the physiological sensors that BIOPAC offers including EEG, fNIRS, ECG, EDA, Respiration etc. Wireless and lightweight sensors are ideal for the CAVE environment. Additionally, the VR system can send markers about events in the virtual world to the BIOPAC data acquisition system to facilitate data analysis.

Our guest speaker: Mr Slav Dimov Biopac Systems Inc.

Due to covid19 restrictions, there is a limited number of participants that we can host live in our Institute. Therefore I’d like to ask everyone interested to sign in via our form:


Please state whether you want to participate live or online.

Depending on the situation, due to covid, there is a possibility that we will meet online only. 


See you at the meeting

​Grzegorz Pochwatko

Virtual Reality and Psychophysiology Lab

Institute of Psychology PAS

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