Clinical Neuroscience Lab

Polish Version

The Clinical Neuroscience Lab focuses around basic and applied research on various clinical disorders. Team led by dr. Mateusz Gola is concentrated on addictive behaviours (e.g., compulsive sexual behaviours, gambling disorders, and alcohol abuse disorders). Team led by dr. Łukasz Gawęda study mechanisms of psychosis and psychotic-like experience using experimental methods to better understand the cognitive mechanisms of hallucinations and delusions, and its risk states. Tem of dr. Marzena Rusanowska studies the role of anger, anxiety, rumination and hopelessness in depression as opposed to DSM criteria for depression.

Projects implemented in the lab refer to theoretical (such as better understanding of mechanisms and etiology of disorders), and applied areas of research (such as developing new and more effective ways to treat patients). In our work, we use a wide variety of up to date neuroscientific methodology, like EEG and other electrophysiological measures, fMRI or tDCS. We collaborate with leading research centers in the world (UC San Diego, UC Los Angeles, Yale University, University of Oxford, Donders Institute and others) and in Poland (Nencki Institute; Psychiatry and Neurology Institute of Medical University in Warsaw).

One of the aims of the Clinical Neuroscience Lab is an integration of the community of researchers with clinical practitioners in Poland with the purpose of easing the transfer of information between these two groups. We aspire to create results that would respond to the needs of patients and therapists in clinical work and we are open for all collaborations within the clinical neuroscience.

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